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The human body is a remarkable machine with limitless potential. It is designed to adapt to any challenge presented to it, making it capable of accomplishing phenomenal feats. While many sports concentrate on specific skills, movement practice is a unique form of exercise that blends elements from various physical activities to promote overall development. Flexibility, coordination, speed, strength, and endurance are key focuses, enabling individuals to move unhindered for extended periods. With an emphasis on play and exploration, movement practice inspires individuals to challenge themselves through activities like jumping, rolling, and balancing on hands, heightening their capabilities and proving that the body knows no boundaries.


Our courses are an open invitation to anyone curious to learn and improve. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, our program warmly welcomes everyone, offering an inclusive and stimulating atmosphere where learning and improvement are at the core of each session. Explore a variety of disciplines and movement techniques designed to feed your curiosity and enrich your practice. No matter where you are in your movement journey, our courses are here to take you to new heights.

Personal traning

Our private sessions are designed to adapt to your needs, whether you’re looking to improve strength, coordination, balance, or mobility. With the personal attention of our qualified instructors, each session is fully tailored to your abilities and specific goals.

The team

Dive into our community through our dedicated teachers. Passionate experts, they will guide you enthusiastically on your movement journey. No matter your level , our team is here to support you and to give you the  necessary tools to succeed. Join us for a shared exploration, where every step is an invitation to grow together.




Sébastien GEX

Get inspired by our students!

studio Rental

Looking for a versatile space to host your next event or class? Our studio is available for rent during select hours. Whether you’re planning a workshop, a class, a rehearsal, or a private event, our studio provides the ideal environment for your needs.

Contact us today to inquire about availability and booking details. 

Rolfing® SI

Explore the profound benefits of Rolfing® Structural Integration (SI) and unleash the full potential of your body. This holistic approach to bodywork focuses on realigning and rebalancing your body, relieving tension, and improving posture and movement patterns.

Free trial class

Come discover our community and enjoy a variety of classes with expert instructors. Join the tribe!