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We believe in the power of movement to transform lives. Join our vibrant community  and discover a new way to stay active, healthy, and happy

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mobility bridge movement

Mobility armour

Through a diverse range of techniques and approaches, our goal is to enhance flexibility while simultaneously strengthening the foundational aspects of mobility. From joint mobilization to dynamic stretching and stability exercises, participants will develop increased flexibility, better joint health, and improved overall movement quality

movement strength class calisthenics

Gymnastic Strength

In this invigorating session, we integrate the versatility of gymnastics rings to build strength using your body as tool. You'll explore a fusion of gymnastics and calisthenics techniques

movement Handstand mobility mobilité

locomotion & Flow

Learn diverse human movements like crawling, rolling, and acrobatics to boost coordination, balance, and mobility. Through dynamic exercises inspired by disciplines such as gymnastics and parkour, participants enhance overall physical conditioning while exploring a range of movement patterns and techniques

old school Training

Enhance strength with two fundamental practices: Mastery of functional tools like Kettlebells, aimed at engaging and coordinating the entire body rather than targeting specific muscles. Proficiency in traditional movements (deadlift, squat), which remain the most effective methods for increasing lower body strength.


Class dedicated to helping you master the art of hand balancing from the ground up. Whether you're a beginner or aiming to refine your technique, we'll guide you through the fundamentals of alignment,

senior classe

Our Senior Movement class is designed for anyone looking to enhance balance, strength, mobility, and coordination. Whether you're aiming to improve overall fitness or seeking to maintain and enhance physical abilities as you age, this class provides a supportive space to achieve your goals. Join us to move, strengthen, and play together!

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