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My passion for Movement started with artistic and aerobic gymnastics which I practiced for several years. My interest in sport led me to study fitness, particularly Pilates, and I made it my profession. In 2014 I discovered Movement after following an online coaching with Ido Portal, and I deepened my insight into his method at several Movement Camps. His approach inspired me to broaden my knowledge because during my classes I often meet students with various pathologies. While seeking a complementary way to help them I discovered Rolfing®, a structural integration method, and I am now a therapist. My professional goal is to combine the holistic approaches of Rolfing with the benefits of Movement to help my students give the best of themselves.



Having practiced a wide range of sports from an early age such as American football, gymnastics or capoeira to name just three, it was obvious to me that my life will revolve around physical preparation and sports. With a Certificate of State of sports educator in my pocket, I became passionate about the “Movement” in 2012 and from then on I never stopped studying and training with the best coaches in the field across the globe. With 8 years’ experience as a movement coach, my life project is to pass on my knowledge and experience to my students.



I have been passionate about rugby since I was a child and after spending a “rugby-year” in New Zealand I decided to study physical preparation. There I discovered a different approach to training both on and off the field, with more focus on fun and experience of the game than on the competitive aspects. Over the years, my knowledge of Movement has deepened, and my perspective has developed. I am constantly looking for the small detail that can help my students progress physically or alleviate challenges in their daily life. I believe in this innovative, effective and intergenerational training method which made me grow up after many injuries and which definitively changed my vision of the sporting approach and the movement as a whole.