Mobility Armor

In this class we build the foundations for our mobility. We will focus on improving not only the flexibility but our “end range strength” so that we can gain optimal control of our range of motion. Using the teaching of different techniques and approaches.

Old School Training

In this class, we improve strength by integrating two fundamental practices:

– The handling of functional tools (Kettlebell, Steelbell, Steelmace and Bulgarian bag), the purpose of which is not to target a muscle but to engage and coordinate the whole body.

-To master traditional movements (deadlifts, squats) which remain the best methods to increase lower body strength.

Locomotion & Flow

In this class, we will learn how to build a dialogue with the ground, gravity and our own body.

Rolling, crawling and acrobatics will allow us to explore different ways of moving and thus increase coordination, balance and mobility.


In this class we will learn how to get on our hands. You will be guided from learning the foundations such as alignment or joint preparation to a more advanced practice like the press to handstand or the one arm handstand.

Serious Play

In this class, our practice is based on “playing”.

This training aims to challenge our body and all our senses. Juggling, balancing on one foot, or adjusting to an external force. Playing is part of our primal instinct and is essential for our health.

Gymnastic Strength

In this class, we will develop our strength using only our body weight.

For this, this practice is based on disciplines such as gymnastics and calisthenics.